The Second Anniversary

August 16, 1979- 'The Second Anniversary'

As with the First - pain, anguish and misery.

Beautiful flowers, large expensive
and the ever present single rose,
But instead of two there; three now peacefully doze.

So many things, since "The First", have taken place,

Another painful happening, the filling of another space

We were all there Just as before

As we shall continue to be until the final shutting of the door.

There were some who for very good reasons could not attend,

But their prayers, their tears, their love, by others they did send.

The people were a wall of love from the "Gardens:' to the Music Gates".

We stood in line patiently, not minding the long wait.

The shops across from the "Palace" were busy selling their wares

As the juke box in the "Hickory Log" was playing "Solitaire".

This is the place where we, his loved ones, congregate,

Sitting, looking up at his home, as in memory we luxuriate.

We pause at the tables to exchange anecdotes of the past,

Turning back the pages of time, but "Now" shows his face;

what a contrast.

Brenda was there from the British Isles and Mary came from Canada;

Shirley from Nebraska and Jennie, Susan and Carole came from Alabama.

Yes, once again all the States and foreign countries were out in force, '

Their undying love for the "King" to all they did proudly endorse.

Harold was at his station as we knew he would be,

Guarding, ever faithfully, his beloved cousin, ELVIS PRESLEY,

Until an assailant viciously struck him down

Bringing out the wrath of everyone that was in town.

But, Thank God, though injured and hospitalized

He will recover completely and be back at the gates at moonrise,

To continue to fulfill his duty to our "Beloved One",

Just as he has since the year of  'Our Lord, 1961.

A torch was carried from Tupelo,

Then held over him in the "Gardens" he loved so;

Then continuing the walk, it was taken to the Circle "G"

And used to light the "Flame of Love" for' him, to burn eternally.

Ma Cherie at Burke's aorist, shed a tear with me.

 As we reminisced about the life of ELVIS PRESLEY.

A statue of majestic beauty stood in the Orpheum,

While at Memphis State, stars from all over had come.

Proving that his name could still make the rafters ring

Even though his physical being was not there to sing.

His presence was there and you felt secure

Knowing his name still had all its allure.

His wish was fulfilled;


next to his birthplace in Tupelo,

Was completed and Reverend Rittenhouse,
upon it the blessings of the church did bestow.

Thank you, Janelle McComb, for giving him this comfort and peace,

Though much of the time in pain yourself, you never let your efforts cease.

Yes, this was the week of "Our Magnificence's" Second Anniversary

And we still find it hard to believe that his leaving was necessary.
We do hereby vow, we will be back next year,

For his "Third" with our love, a prayer and a tear.

Til then "Beloved" be happy with your parents and brother

As we once again proclaim to the world,
that in your stead there will never be another.

Joan Buchanan West



  My Heartfelt Thanks to Joan
for so graciously sharing her beautiful-beautiful 'Elvis' poems !!!
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I humbly ask that you remember Joan in your prayers.
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