The stage was set, the mike was in place,

Thousands of fans filled every space.

Thus Spake Zarathustra rang through the air;

We were waiting for the King in the King’s lair.

For months we had waited in great anticipation;

Yes, the King was coming—this was his destination.

When the news went out that our town was on his tour,

We rushed out to buy tickets, the rich and the poor.

We had to go and see the magic of the man

Who had spread so much happiness throughout the land.

Strangers had become friends at the mention of his name;

They might have spoken before, but it would not have been the same.

Now here we sit together, waiting for him to appear,

Very anxiously, thinking, what if he isn’t really here?

Then all of a sudden the house lights dim;

Our hearts have stopped, waiting for the sight of him.

The drums roll, the applause is like thunder,

The screams are deafening and it is no wonder,

For there he stands at the edge of the stage,

The greatest star ever seen in this or any age.

He smiles and the room is all aglow,

And “C.C. Rider” begins the show,

Then “Don’t Be Cruel” and “A Fool Such As I,”

“The American Trilogy” and “Don’t Ask Me Why,”

“ She Thinks I Still Care” and “Moody Blue,”

Then, much too soon, “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You.”

Throughout the show he gives away kisses and scarves;

We push to the front—no holds barred—

Right to the front, close enough to touch.

The King is pleased, very, very much.

We loved him and he always reciprocated:

He never failed to show us we were appreciated.

Though his health was failing and he was ill,

He always entertained us with the greatest skill.

He was songman, a musicman,

But, most of all, he was a “big” man,

Helping those who could do no better,

Either in person or with a letter,

A check enclosed for hundreds of dollars

Maybe to a nurse, a child, or scholar.

Now he is gone out of our sight;

It is as if we have been hit by a blight,

But his presence is felt wherever we are,

Because we were entertained by the world’s only superstar.

But his reign isn’t over, not by any means;

He will always be in in our hearts and in our dreams.

We will play his music and watch his movies, so, you see,

For us there will always be an ELVIS AARON PRESLEY.

© Joan Buchanan West

My Heartfelt Thanks to Joan
for so graciously sharing her beautiful-beautiful 'Elvis' poems !!!
Please drop her a note in appreciation of her Great talent
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