Valentine's Day

It is Valentine's Day once again
And as I think of you Elvis
Wonderful thoughts fill my mind
As they always do

After all these years
I can still see and feel
The sparkle in your eyes
The love in my heart just for you

So on this Special Day
To You, I would like to say
Will you be my Valentine Elvis
My Special Love for all time is you


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Dear Elvis,

We were yours the first time that
We ever saw your face
Your fans have followed all the years
You went from place to place.

We were yours to hold and keep
We have loved you every day
And even when you had to go
The love continues on this day!

We were yours for you to cherish
And you did that job so well
You gave us so much happiness
More than we could ever tell!

Although 25 years have passed
Since the time you last performed
We've been yours throughout the years
To love you...not to mourn.

And we'll be yours through all the years
That the future holds in store
Our love will never die
It will only grow some more

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~Made with Love~


My Heartfelt Thanks to
Lynn -  Kris - Linda - Puzzy
for their Beautiful Graphics!

And to Dee for her Beautiful Poem!

God Bless!

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