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Gone is the excitement of seeing him on stage;

Now we only see him in movies or on a magazine page.

We see him in our dreams and always in our hearts,

And then the blues set in and the teardrops start..

There are times it seems we cannot bear the pain,

But this is only at night and in the sunshine and the rain.

Then we remember his strength and pride

And feel a little ashamed of the times we cried.

He would not approve of our being so sad,

But he would understand why we feel so bad.

We loved him so and this he knew,

And we will love him even after our lives are through.

Oh, how we miss him, how our hearts bleed,

Remembering his compassion and all his good deeds!

No one has ever done so much for the multitude

With kindness, understanding, and being humble, never rude.

If more people would use his manners as a guide,

This world would be a much better place in which to abide.

Graceland stands there like a lover who has lost her mate,

Lonely, even though thousands still stand at the gate.

The grounds look devastated and the stables are bare;

The master is gone and still we stand there and stare,

Wanting so badly for him to appear,

Forgetting for just a minute that he isnít here.

The we remember, his mansion is now made of gold

And sits in the heavens where no one grows old.

We will thank God every day

For sending Elvis our way,

For letting us know how it feels

To have in our midst a Wonder thatís real.

He was always full of good cheer

And shared it with us year after year.

He took our worries, problems and cares,

And in their stead left us something very rare,

ďA part of himselfĒ to have and to hold in our sorrow,

Forever and ever, through tomorrow and tomorrow.

© Joan Buchanan West

My Heartfelt Thanks to Joan
for so graciously sharing her beautiful-beautiful 'Elvis' poems !!!
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