There Are Those

There are those who ask,
Was he a sinner or a good man?
How can they question
This wonder who was God's plan?

He brought people to Christ,
As though he were ordained;
He dearly loved his Lord,
And throughout Graceland Bibles were lain.

How can they question this man
Who all through his life
Spoke to his God
In his happiness and strife?

How can they wonder about
His belief and his convictions,
When he could quote the Scriptures
Instantly, with no hesitations?

He adored the "BOOK"
Above all others,
For it was from this one
He was taught by his mother.

His love for his mother and father
He was always proud to show;
Can they say the same,
Or are they ashamed for people to know?

Where were they when he sang?
Did they never hear "How Great Thou Art"?
If so, they must be made of stone
Not to know It came from his heart.

Those who have tried to ruin him with slander
Would do themselves a great favor,
If they, like Elvis, would take the time
To talk with the Savior.

We attach no importance to their lies,
For they did it for money.
Now he is in a "Mansion of Gold,"
And they will never see the "Land of Milk and Honey".

He was given to us for a purpose;
Elvis was definitely an "Angel of Love."
He was also a very human person--
Now he is an Angel above.

He gave us his music while on earth;
Now he is in God's choir.
Think about that, doubters,
So-called authors, and liars.

We know where he is;
We have no doubts about his salvation.
His deep love for his fellowman
Has assured us of his station.

But where are you?
Will you sit on His left or right?
This is a question you better decide,
Before you go to sleep tonight.

Stop and think about what you just read,
And remember this:
A hundred years from now, everywhere,
The world over will know "Elvis."

He is happy now--
Can you say the same?
When you are gone,
Will they remember your name?

  Joan Buchanan West

My Heartfelt Thanks to Joan
for so graciously sharing her beautiful-beautiful 'Elvis' poems !!!
Please drop her a note in appreciation of her great talent
and her love of Elvis.


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