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It is August 16, 1978, Wednesday.

One year ago, today, we were told ELVIS had gone away.

Today I stand in the midst of a multitude,

All somber, all sad, but no one is rude.

No shoving, no pushing, no trying to get ahead,

They knew before long they would stand before his final bed.

The sound of his music floats softly through the air

From the shops across the street, because they also care.

Thousands of blossoms of every color are everywhere you look.

And some will be taken home and pressed in a book.

They have come from everywhere the world over,

From Belgium, Canada, Japan, and the White Cliffs of Dover.

Some came by car, some by bus, some by plane;

The heat of the day did not deter them from the reason they came.

We all stood for hours in the lines,

All, with but one thing on our minds,

To pay our respects and leave a token of our love

And to pray for strength until we meet again the “Mansion” up above.

I am sure he was smiling at the crowd below,

Knowing we were there, our love for him to show.

There were little folks, old folks, and many in between;

There were the wealthy,
there were the poor, 
they came from every scene.

His cousin, Harold Lloyd, who loved him so much,

Willingly spoke with us and we were very touched.

He was so sincere and honest and tried to make us feel at ease,

As we stood and talked, under the Graceland trees.

You could see the pain still in his eyes as he spoke,

And now and then, filled with emotion, he would send for a Coke

Hoping to get control of himself once again,

Because he knew the questions were about to begin,

Questions he wanted to answer, to set the record straight---

It did not matter if the time was early or very late.

He certainly has the patience of Job,

For on his shoulders he carries a heavy load.

ELVIS would be very pleased with this man

Who stands guard daily over his beautiful land.

Harold knows we have come to pay homage to our King;

He knows that since ELVIS left, we spend our time remembering

The joy and pleasure and happiness he brought,

And he also knows that this Wednesday we are still distraught.

And though in pain himself, he does his very best

To ease our hurt and help us through the test

Of observing this Wednesday, this FIRST ANNIVERSARY,

A day which, if we had “Our Way”, would never have come to be.


And 29 years later the feelings have not changed. 
The day is as fresh as though just born…..
a day that will in truth never age,
only change through the powers that be….
but the feelings we have can not be controlled by anyone or anything. 
As with his beauty and his music, our love and faithfulness will never waver;  years only age the body but the will and the memories lives forever.
They are passed on to the next generation
as are the finest of jewels and the most beautiful of stories.
As the watering of the gardens
keep the flowers blooming and renewing themselves each year,
our tears will keep renewing him for all those to come and fill our shoes.    June 8, 1006.


© Joan Buchanan West

  My Heartfelt Thanks to Joan
for so graciously sharing her beautiful heart touching poem !!!
Please drop her a note in appreciation of her awesome talent
and her love of Elvis.





~Made with Love!~

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