Elvis Presley is truly unforgettable.
He was one of those rare lives that rise above the everyday
and transcend the usual limits of human experience.
Through media coverage, movies and music,
we got to know Elvis in a special way.
Milestone moments in Elvis's life are etched in our memory.
But there is another side to Elvis that we hardly know at all.

We don't know much about the other Elvis
who always kept his family close to him,
who lavished generosities on complete strangers,
the Elvis who loved to read the Bible and sing his favorite hymns.
We hardly remember Elvis the Southern gentleman and Elvis the patriot.

But there was that other side to the legendary Elvis.
And it shows that even though publicly he was the King.
In his private life Elvis was very often a Prince !!!


Hereís a message to those I left behind

Donít weep for me for I feel no pain
Tonight I sing for my Father in Heaven
And walk with my mother again
Twelve disciples sing my backup
And the angels are my heavenly band
Iím at peace for evermore

How many songs Iíve sung for you over the past twenty-four years
I couldnít begin to know
The love you gave me and the happiness we shared
Just seemed to keep me going year after year
And when I sang ďLove Me TenderĒ you took me to your heart
You made me feel like a part of you right from the very start

Yes you truly were a fantastic audience
You loved me all the way
But now I see only sadness in you since that August 16th day
Please remember God only loaned me to you
And for the last forty-two years
Iíve been on tour for Heaven you might say

But now itís time for me to come home
And sing for God around his great throne
So I leave behind my music and song to give to the ages to come
Please cry no longer for you see Iím not really gone
Iíve just finished this concert and I must move on
To a beautiful place thatís all shiny and bright

From the Garden of Graceland

I Love You


Elvis would have been 71 years old today!

Seems like only yesterday ...  *sigh*

Ahhh Elvis... We Miss You!

~Always Loved
~Always Remembered!~  


~Made with Love!~





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