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You say you never saw him, live, in concert;

So you say you’re lucky, because you don’t feel the hurt,

And you look at us with pity in your eyes,

But you are wrong, for it is with you WE sympathize.

You’ll never know the pleasure of his smile,

Or why, just to see him, we would walk for miles;

You’ll never know the joy his glance brought,

Or the pleasure of giving his life taught.

You didn’t just miss a person---you missed an event,

For we who knew him believe he was heaven sent.

You missed a phenomenon that will never be again;

You missed a man who was he dearest of men.

You’ll never know the thrill of listening to him sing;

You’ll never know the excitement his presence could bring.

You’ll never know the gaiety of being in the crowd,

Waiting for the King---so happy, so proud.

You’ll never know the feeling of treading on air,

Knowing that the King really does care

For his subject who came from far and wide

And sat together and laughed and cried,

As he performed in all his splendor,

Singing “Heartbreak Hotel” and “Return to Sender”.

You’ll never know the ecstasy of his touch,

Or understand why we loved him so much.

You’ll live your life through and never know

The rapture that swept through every show.

You’ll never know the sensation of standing at the “Music Gate”;

Hour after hour you wait and you wait.

You stare at the mansion and hope and pray;

They say he does come down—maybe this will be the day.

All at once you’re paralyzed and then you begin to shake—

The figure in the distance, there can be no mistake—

The walk tells you it only be one.

Yes, it is he; the King has come

To see his people who have waited so long.

He fulfills your dreams, with his presence and a song.

He talks with you and answers your questions;

You stutter and stammer, filled with exhilaration.

It’s hard to believe this hour is true—

He’s standing there within inches of you.

It seems unreal this hour and day,

And much too soon he is gone away.

But don’t grieve for us, today or tomorrow;

Leave us be, leave us with our sorrow,

For we do not want to be in your shoes—

We’re better off even with our blues.

You may think our lives are empty now that we have him no more,

Be he gave us enough love to last till we meet him on the other shore.

© Joan Buchanan West

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