How Time Goes By

As the days grow short
I notice the things that come and go
I broke down and cried
I miss those special days
It's funny How Time Goes By
All the songs I kept
The memories I have bottled up inside
Oh How Time Goes By

The jokes you made
That cute little smile
The way you move your body

The games you loved to play
The fast cars
The badges you collected over the years
The Teddy Bears and letters
All for you from many who adore you
Your handsome tan face
Kissed by one and all

Lord I miss you so
Has it really been Twenty Nine Years

As the tears fall
My heart aches
It's funny
How Time has gone by

(Edited 8-5-2006)


 My Heartfelt Thanks to Charley
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Please drop her a note in appreciation of her awesome talent
and her love of Elvis.





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