His Smile

Looking into his eyes
I can see the warmth in his smile
Hearing him sing
I can feel the gentleness in his voice

He can wash away the storm that is in
My soul and the Moody Blues that
Once played a part of this broken heart
Lord how I love his smile

A twinkle in his eyes
You know you are on a natural high
Hypnotized by that look
You know you are hooked

Morning ,Noon or Night I listen to the tunes
That brings me light of that Beautiful Smile

By Charley Cameron

Charley's Note:

This poem His Smile has been Published twice.

And was named Editor's Choice Award also.


 My Heartfelt Thanks to Charley
for so graciously sharing her Beautiful 'Elvis' poem !!!
Please drop her a note in appreciation of her awesome talent
and her love of Elvis.





~Made with Love!~


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