Fragile Rose

As the snow covers the grounds
The smell of clean air
The fair white rose fragile of the night
Lays on his bed hoping for warm light

Memories, Many are left
Tears are kept under her leaves
Fans all in a line coming and going
Leaving their pledge of love to be seen

The life of the Fragile Rose
Feels the strength of his heart
Beating to the Sounds of their feet

It is said that his Spirit is felt
Soft voices they hear

The life of him so near

The Rose
Fragile from long ago
Is still there today living off the love it shares
The tears of many keeps her watered
As the beating of his love gives her warmth
The Fragile Rose
Covered from a blanket of snow
Awaits for the fans that come and go

She treasures the memories that are left
For the love of this man
The Spirit remains there on the
Snow covered grounds of his home Graceland
and that beautiful Fragile Rose

Charley Cameron


 My Heartfelt Thanks to Charley
for so graciously sharing her Beautiful 'Elvis' poem and graphic !!!
Please drop her a note in appreciation of her awesome talent
and her love of Elvis.






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