The Legacy

Only those over 60 or so can remember a world without Elvis Presley,
whose death 28 years ago is being remembered by fans all over the world.
The boy from Tupelo, Mississippi was, contrary to appearances,
nearly penniless at his death and had to tour constantly to pay his enormous bills.

Now the man has made an amazing posthumous comeback.

He had that amazing voice - which was sexy for women but reached guys as well

Elvis had something which was both unique and very ordinary.

Elvis Presley was "A real person who moved his hips and sweated"
He had that authenticity, that feeling that this is a real experience -
being communicated by a real person -
who moved his hips on stage and sweated.

He wasn't a manufactured product which all of the pop stars today -
even the best ones - tend to be.

What came through was his reality, his authenticity - he was very much himself,
doing what he wanted to do and not being pre-packaged by a big record company.

Elvis first hit on his winning formula, a unique stew of country, blues and rock'n'roll,
while messing around in the Sun Records studio in 1954 on a version of That's All Right Mama.

But unlike many of his generation he was also able to sing ballads,
show tunes and gospel.

And like all great singers, he made each song he sang his own.

There was nothing phony about Elvis,
and even at his lowest point when he was recording forgettable music
and making quite awful movies, there was still something that shone through.

But he was also an incredibly dynamic vocalist,
with an instinctive ear for finding common ground
between a lot of different music.

His golden voice was part of an unforgettable package.

The fact that he looked a certain way,
dressed a certain way and moved a certain way
just made it perfect.

Elvis got his second wind in the late 1960s.

After the glories of his Sun hits and his early RCA recordings,
Presley went mainstream with a vengeance in the 1960s,
making dozens of films for MGM and recording many inferior works.

Presley still cut some great tracks in his later years.

Elvis was Exceptionally good looking.

The Fletcher-Flett team soon got a call from Presley's management.

"We got a phone call some months later asking if we'd care to submit a song for his next album -
We felt like old hands then, and the word came again to submit another song
so we wrote a romantic ballad called
'Just Pretend'

Though the pair did not meet Elvis, Mr Flett, the lyricist,
said he would never forget hearing the King singing his words.

It was thrilling, and when we heard the acetate recording -
this was pre-cassette -
we were stunned.

The song fitted him like a glove -
he was breaking up with Priscilla at the time,
so there was that behind the music as well.

And Mr Flett has no doubt that it is Elvis's voice
that has continued to reach hearts all around the world -
28 years after his death.

Elvis performed frequently in Las Vegas in his last years.

He was exceptionally good looking, and he had that amazing voice -
which was sexy for women but reached guys as well.

"And he invented rock'n'roll."


Elvis switches from a heart-felt rendition of Simon and Garfunkel's
Bridge Over Troubled Water to Get Back, from The Beatles.
Later he bursts into his own spontaneous version of the Happy Yodeler.

The concerts are the reserve of some of his greatest and most memorable hits
including The Wonder of You, Blue Suede Shoes, Love Me Tender,
In the Ghetto and Suspicious Minds.

Elvis had this special aura.

Elvis is an intimate portrayal of a man who was hugely charming both on and off stage.

With his musicians he is relaxed and joking, child-like at times.
In the showroom, he is an irrepressible force who drives his audience wild with a single movement.

But here too he shows the human touch, getting down into the crowd and walking among them,
hugging and kissing fans.

Elvis gave more than 1,000 shows from the time he began performing again in 1969 until his death -
but he never toured outside the United States.


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~Elvis never really died and never will...
He cut a path through the world!
He's gonna be history, man!~
         -Carl Perkins


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