A Letter To Elvis

Three days had passed.... since they said he was gone,
And the D.J.s were constantly playing his songs.
But I just couldn't listen to the songs that he sang...
The sound of his voice would just worsen the pain.

But that morning.... for reasons that still are unclear
I thought I was ready for what I might hear...
So I turned on the radio and the first voice I heard
Sent a chill up my spine, when he said his first words...

"Don't look so sad," Elvis sang, soft and sweet...
And it seemed he was singing it only to me.
"I know it's over," He went on to say.
"Just remember the good times, we shared yesterday."

And I wanted to answer the message he sent,
Because I wanted to tell him how much he had meant
To all who have loved him and can't let him go...
So these are the words that I sat down and wrote.......


Softly, I hear your voice singing,
Coming to me from somewhere,
Saying, 'Don't look so sad 'cause it's over,
Remember the good times we shared."

I can't believe that it's over,
I can't believe that it's done.
I wish somebody could tell me.....
Why must the good die young?
You used to make me so happy,
Your voice sang only to me.
But all I have left is a mem'ry,
Of how good the good times could be.

Now it's the end of an era,
And I think of my teenage fun.
That part of my life died with you...
Why must the good die young?
Yes, I can remember the good times,
All of the years we have shared.
We lived through a lifetime together....
But you didn't know I was there.

Now all of the good times are over,
All of the songs have been sung,
But you'll live in my heart forever.....
Why must the good die young ?

By Jenny O'Brien

~My Heartfelt Thanks to Jenny
For sharing her beautiful Elvis tribute!~

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